You know how sometimes you will have to scream in the process of pinning yourself just to take blood sample for malaria test.Thanks to researchers very soon you will suffer no more. Researchers have developed breathalyser which detects six different odours or volatile organic compounds to spot malaria cases. According to researchers, people with malaria give off distinctive “breath-print” that is used as a test for the disease. So all one will have to do, is just blow some air which would be collected and tested for the disease.

Who could have thought that blowing air into some breathalyser will help detect for malaria disease? Well watch out for it soon.

Currently, the crude prototype breathalyser has been tried out in Malawi, Africa. Where breath samples taken from 35 feverish children, with and without malaria gave an accurate result in 29 children, representing 83% success rate.

However, the test was reasonably good at detecting cases in children.

But researchers needs to improve its reliability and develop it into an off-the-shelf product as they believe the success rate is too low for the test to be used routinely.

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