My Ghanaian brothers and sisters permit me to talk small about our Nigerian brothers and sisters. I don’t know why but for some reason I like Nigerians so much. Well, they sort of have a bad image to the world or not a type of people you should associate yourself with. But on a serious note, if you really want to succeed in life, associate yourself with some. And learn from their good attitude. This blog was actually inspired by a Nigerian who even knows nothing about.

Nigerians have this go getter attitude and will do all they can to achieved their goals in legit ways, of course few will go the opposite way but it happens in every country. Not all citizens of a country will be good or legit. Nigerians happen to have a larger population so yes the number of people perceives to be bad will be many. But, Nigerians are very smart and intelligent and innovative. Some notable inventions by them says it all. And when it comes to business, they are masters of the game. When I compare customer service rendered by Ghanaians to Nigerians, I always end up preferring the Nigerians. The way a Nigerian seller will approach you and talk to you in a nice way, you’ll end up even being friends with them before leaving. And their pidgin. Ha! I salute una ooo.

Following my love for Nigerians. I got myself caught up in BBN. Oh ma world! Then I saw how some Nigerians can hate through insult, but at the end, I saw it to be love in disguise. The program got me glued to my Tv whenever I was less busy.

Tboss was my favourite and trust me I love that lady pass, through my love for her I ended up in a whatsapp group created by her brother. Yes I am in Ghana but I ended up in a whatsapp group in Nigeria. That should tell you how obsessed I was. It was fun any ways and I did enjoy, I even met interesting friends from Nigeria some of whom I’ve been close in  contact with and I’m very happy and glad to still have them as friends special Chris-Iva. I love you girl friend.

So to cut the long story short, I am planning a visit to Nigeria. And to my surprise, announcing my plan to visit Nigeria shocked my friends. Even My passport was nearly taken from me. “Of all the places in the world, why go to Nigeria? Is Nigeria a place to go for vacation?” Do you want to die?” asked by them. Ha ba! Nigeria is a nice country even though they have power issues. Yes! Boko Haram is waiting for me there, but people still live in countries where ISIS attack and live. Abeg make una free me I want to visit banana Island, visit some tourist sites in Lagos and have fun in a sister country. So yes Omo naija!, make una prepare for me ooo because am repping, the first thing I will do is to go bowling ( haven’t seen bowling in GH since I was born)…hahaha.

Can’t wait!