So, most men are sometimes confused when trying to know if their partners are enjoying love making or not, as a result of perceiving women to be unpredictable creatures. Well, every woman is unique but we all have common ways if not same way of displaying satisfaction /enjoying the act of love making. So following, the series of articles on relationship tips this week, the focus is on knowing your partner, and key word is “PAY ATTENTION”.

Know Your Partner

Basically, most men know that body parts (such as lips, neck, breast, foot, palm, navel and clitoris) of women that tickle them. Some enjoy feeling pain during love making and others want the gentle sweet touch. Positions such as the cat, cowgirl, waterfall, hot seat, spin circle, etc also depends on the individual.

It’s always good for both partners to know what they want and try new things. And trying new things can be motivated base on current satisfaction.

As a man try to know what your partner wants. When your partner tells you how she wants it or her sensitive parts, then lucky you. You have hit the jackpot! You don’t need to stress yourself much into knowing how to satisfy her.

 But if she is not opening up about what tickles her and how she wants it, then it’s obvious she doesn’t know or feeling shy to say. In this case what do you do?

 Knowing Sensitive Parts of Your Partner- (Signs to look out for).

Women who are shy in bed when it comes to love making will refuse to say anything when you asked them questions about where to touch.

So when your partner is shy to disclose (or a virgin) or do not know which part of her body tickles her, this is your chance to explore her body with her. You will need to study two things about her.


Start by studying her body language when you touch her. You can study her Facial Expressions (don’t let her see you doing that, cause it will feel weird, unless she likes it) when you two are in the process of love making or romance. Looking into her eyes is a way to see the fire and passion burning in her. Try it sometimes when enjoying your partner. If she is not enjoying, her eyes will tell.

 Most times she will close her eyes and looking at her while you do her (whether romancing or sex) will communicate a lot. What you have to do is to pay attention to all her body movement (including waist, legs, hands, lips, head) when you make your move. This point is also important when kissing her. It becomes more intense when you both are enjoying the kiss and you could feel it. So just be observant.

Touching her sensitive parts when you’re in her.

A lady who enjoys it most when her partner is touching certain parts of her body whilst he is into her will start touching when the partner is not. Some men could notice their women touching some part of their body such as clitoris or breast or sometimes trying to suck their nipples when the man is into her. That is a sign! Men, is a sign of multitasking. You have to do her whiles touching, licking or sucking those body parts and that will ensure her climax in no time. It is also a sign and a time to know how to touch her sensitive part. For example, if she is robbing her fingers on her clitoris at a certain speed, make sure you touch with that same speed or direction. Sometimes if you’re not doing it right, she will try to do it herself. Allow her, but pay attention to learn so that next time you can do it as she does it.

Most women especially the shy ones don’t like to talk but they want you to know and you can only know so by paying attention to her body, from head to lips and to legs. Shy ladies say a lot with their gestures while sexing them. Take note of how she pulls close to you, clung you to the extent of not letting you go for you to even stop, because they’re all signs showing she is enjoying.

 2. Moans

Her moan says a lot, whether in pain or enjoyment. And you need to listen to it well. When she is enjoying and indulges so much into the moment. The moans increase from slow to mid tempo to over Yes!

Usually, it is associate with the speed at which u sex her and want you more. It starts to become loud and is something to look out for. Is a sign that she is really enjoying and that you are doing a good job. Men you need to know that some moans are fake. Such moans are static, they do not increase but rather decrees to silence.

Also not all moans are associated with enjoyment. Some are associated with pain. That’s why moans and gestures go together. When it pains and she is not enjoying she might want to pull out but in the case when enjoying both, she will stick to you like sticky gum.


This is another thing to look out for. I decided to separate this point from the moans because I want to place emphases on it. “Some women practice their singing talent sometimes in the bed room”, one lady said. “I start to sing like angle Gabriel when he is doing it right”, another said.

Some women when enjoying sexual act with you, will call you names and sing praises to you when you into them. Some will even start confessing their love to you and promises that they have not even taught about. If it reaches this stage then you are done. You are the king of kings. But if not then you might be hitting the wrong spots, because it is involuntary reaction from women.

So men these are some of the point that when you pay attention to you will be able to know the body of your partner like the palm of your hand. Her gestures, moans and sounds are very important to study and know. When you do that, in no time you will recognise real and fake.

NOTE: The points are not limited to shy women alone. Try it on your partner to know more about her.

Good luck!

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