Ever woken up tired or seemingly unable to get out of the “sleep mood” in the morning? Yes! That’s a common occurrence with most people, even after having the best sleep and literally sleeping like a baby the night before. Sometimes it’s due to extra tiredness from yesterday that your sound sleep couldn’t knock off completely, or you’re not sleeping right, or You’re just lazy to get up. Don’t worry, it’s quite usual. But then you have to get up and go to work..or do something for yourself. So how do you that feeling off? It’s easy! You STRETCH! Don’t worry, it’s not work out, just a few minutes of stretching and you’re good to go!

So here are a few stretch routines you could do straight out of bed to help get your body flexible and full of energy.

First: Overall Stretch:

Standing up, reach your arms towards the ceiling; hold for five to 10 seconds. Bend to one side; hold again. Straighten and bend to the other side. Tip:
Reach for tightness, not pain, with any stretching routine. In other words, stretch until you feel resistance, but don’t push so far that you hurt yourself.

Neck Stretch:

Lower your chin to your chest and roll your head gently from side to side. Tip: Press, don’t bounce. Move slowly into any stretch and hold it for five to 10 seconds. Never bounce into a stretch; you can tear muscle fibers.

Shoulder Stretch:

Reach your right arm across your chest and over your left shoulder, placing your hand on your shoulder blade if you can. Hold for five to 10 seconds, then switch. Tip: Be symmetrical: Whatever you stretch out on one side of your body, stretch out on the other.

Back Stretch:

Lie down on your back and bring both knees to your chest. Grasp your hands around your knees and gently pull your legs closer to your chest. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds.

You could do these simple routines every morning and watch how your body carries you effortlessly through the day.
There are also other benefits of stretching like;
-improved digestion
-reduced anxiety
-soothes headaches
-decreased high blood pressure
-decreased muscle soreness
-improved posture.

So when you stretch every morning you’re not just trying to exercise but also investing in good health.

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