“Why Do Women Cheat With All The Love And Attention Given To Them?–good sex is as important as money”

Have you ever wondered why you give her all the love, money and attention but yet she chooses days and time to make love with you? If yes, then ma guy, you aren’t doing something right. Women love sex like men do. The same way a man will cheat when he is not getting the satisfaction is the same way a woman will cheat. I’m not a homophobic, but how many men have tried to find out the reasons behind the increase in lesbianism. Why will a lady leave a man and follow a lady or sex a lady? It’s simple, because these ladies understand what their bodies want and how to satisfy it. From kissing, fore play to love making.

Look, when it comes to ladies, good love making is as important as money. Yes! When I say love making I don’t mean jumping on her up and down then done! Or you go for longer hours or u just hitting her hard for all her intestines to come out. It’s not a rush guys, when it comes to love making.

What You Need To Know

A woman will definitely cheat on you when you don’t satisfy sexually, but when you do, she will treat you like the “king” you are.

Do you know that some women even fake orgasm(s) just because they want you to be done and move away? Why will they fake it? The answer is because they are not enjoying you and they want you done and gone!

The thing is, most men will say women like money, which is true. Money somehow is a tool to measure security in a woman’s dictionary. But what will make her stay truly faithful to you is love making. Haven’t you heard or seen instances where some lady’s will go and sleep with their sugar daddies but yet bring the money back to their younger unemployed boyfriend?

Again, in cases where sex workers sell themselves for money and after getting the money or marrying the billionaire of their dreams they still cheat and sometimes can’t leave their “work”? Well that should tell you something. It all boils down to sexual satisfaction.

A woman that truly loves can even abandon her whole family and stick with you, and if that happens then the guy is doing something right.

As a man it’s your responsibility to know your woman’s body language like your bank account details and the biggest key is PAY ATTENTION!

Every man needs to know what tickles his wife or partner if you don’t want her to cheat. Some women will be bold to tell you where their sensitive parts are and how you should make love to them. In many cases others will be shy to tell you or truly might not know. In all cases, you need to explore their body to know or confirm and whiles doing that there are some signs a man will have to pay attention to know if their partner is enjoying it or not (I WILL COVER THAT UP IN MY NEXT RELATIONSHIP TIP  SO WATCH OUT).

Watch out for next article on knowing your partner (signs of sex satisfaction)


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