Loneliness comes in many forms. Emotional loneliness is what is killing many hearts today. The thought of being with that “Special Someone” when you needed him/her the most can put tears in your eyes.

Today I sit in the office with no work to be done but have no were to go. All friends are on vacation which I couldn’t go because of work.

Today is Friday, 21:34pm (West Africa time) as I type this. I’m feeling lonely. I want to be with that special guy but he is nowhere to be found. Have you ever found yourself in such situation where your colleagues tells you what they are doing for the evening and force you to go home but u can’t go home because there is nothing to go to. Is it movies? Or drinks? No! I already have lots of drinks in my fridge and movies to see in the office.

Don’t want to watch all alone; want to be with that “Special Someone”. Want to feel loved and belonged.

Tears can’t wash the pain and loneliness away.

But I hope my “Special Someone” comes soon. Because emotional loneliness has taken over my Friday night and it hurt!

What can I do? And should I do?….


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