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Rocking Your Natural Hair-Natural Hair Movement

How well do you rock your natural hair? Are you rocking it just to be part of the movement? Or to enhance your beauty or for both? The beauty of every woman, they say lies in the hair. The African… Continue Reading →

6 Homemade Organic Tips to Grow Eyebrows-Beauty Tips

Ever consider growing your eyebrows or thickening it naturally? Well, having a grown and nicely shaped eyebrows enlighten your beauty. And also take away the stress of drawing perfect eyebrows. Consider these simple homemade tips to grow and thicken your… Continue Reading →

19 Cheap Homemade Organic Tips-To get rid of ACNE

Having acne/pimples on that beautiful face sometimes deems our confidence as a woman and we try to hide behind make ups to cover it all up. Sometimes spending so much on expensive lotions to get rid of it but at… Continue Reading →

8 Cheap And Simple Tips To Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Do you have stretch marks that you’re battling with? I know that beauty is one of the things that every lady is struggling to keep. Having stretch marks is a bit challenging as some times it makes you lose confidence… Continue Reading →


Here are 10 simple health tips every guy needs to know and follow to get that special girl’s attention: Regular bath to eliminate body odour Bath at least twice a day to do away with odour generated by body sweat…. Continue Reading →

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