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Emotional Loneliness-“Special Someone”

Loneliness comes in many forms. Emotional loneliness is what is killing many hearts today. The thought of being with that “Special Someone” when you needed him/her the most can put tears in your eyes. Today I sit in the office… Continue Reading →

No regrets: There’s No Loss Over Love

There’s no loss over love. Yea, so everything is over, nothing left, all gone in the wind. And it hurts? Yes! It has to hurt! Because you had dreams, everything planned out, you could play and replay your whole life… Continue Reading →

Signs to Spot Your Partner’s Sensitive Parts for Sexual Satisfaction-Tips for Men

So, most men are sometimes confused when trying to know if their partners are enjoying love making or not, as a result of perceiving women to be unpredictable creatures. Well, every woman is unique but we all have common ways… Continue Reading →

Why Women Cheat

“Why Do Women Cheat With All The Love And Attention Given To Them?–good sex is as important as money” Have you ever wondered why you give her all the love, money and attention but yet she chooses days and time… Continue Reading →


Kofi a young graduate, who has stayed home for six years without a job or income, finally got a job with lots of benefits including a well furnished apartment, a car, travel allowances and family insurance. Now, three months down… Continue Reading →

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