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Signs to Spot Your Partner’s Sensitive Parts for Sexual Satisfaction-Tips for Men

So, most men are sometimes confused when trying to know if their partners are enjoying love making or not, as a result of perceiving women to be unpredictable creatures. Well, every woman is unique but we all have common ways… Continue Reading →

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Why Women Cheat

“Why Do Women Cheat With All The Love And Attention Given To Them?–good sex is as important as money” Have you ever wondered why you give her all the love, money and attention but yet she chooses days and time… Continue Reading →

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Garlic the sexual health booster (aphrodisiac)– and its other health benefits.

So I have been wondering why most men are much interested in alcoholic drinks in the name of boosting their sexual power. Guys!  Look no further. Garlic is a long proven gem in libido. Research shows that garlic is a… Continue Reading →

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“Smoking: A risk to your sex life”(IMPOTENCE)

Studies shows that smoking  affect sexual functions of both men and women.”Smoking causes damage to smooth muscle inside the penis that interferes with erectile functioning,” says Richard Milsten, MD, co-author of The Sexual Male. Smoking affects your sex life. Most youth today see smoking as… Continue Reading →

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