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Emotional Loneliness-“Special Someone”

Loneliness comes in many forms. Emotional loneliness is what is killing many hearts today. The thought of being with that “Special Someone” when you needed him/her the most can put tears in your eyes. Today I sit in the office… Continue Reading →

Genesis 50:20



The Woes of Ghanaian Youth-Tramadol

It saddens my heart to see the youth destroying their lives with drugs. Recent happenings  (drug abuse) in Ghana is alarming.While some mum’s are giving their children tramadol just for them to sleep, girls and boys dying in the hands of… Continue Reading →

New released “Treasure”-Vox Veezy

Vox Veezy has released his new song “Treasure” and he wants his fans to download, share or make a video with it for a price.  ‘Treasure’ released early this month talks about love and how special a lady is. The… Continue Reading →

Rocking Your Natural Hair-Natural Hair Movement

How well do you rock your natural hair? Are you rocking it just to be part of the movement? Or to enhance your beauty or for both? The beauty of every woman, they say lies in the hair. The African… Continue Reading →

Big Brother Naija Housemates dance ” One Corner”

To those who think One Corner is over. Last Saturday, Big Brother Naija housemates dance their hearts out to One corner! It seems the housemates cant have enough of this song, as this is the second time they’ve enjoyed it…. Continue Reading →

Meet The Ghanaian Making Ghana Proud At The Winter Olympics (2018)-Akwasi Frimpong

The 2018 Winter Olympics is finally open. And Ghana’s one and only Akwasi Frimpong carries our flag. Akwasi is the first Ghanaian skeleton in the just opened 2018 winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Ghana might be one of the smallest groups,… Continue Reading →

No regrets: There’s No Loss Over Love

There’s no loss over love. Yea, so everything is over, nothing left, all gone in the wind. And it hurts? Yes! It has to hurt! Because you had dreams, everything planned out, you could play and replay your whole life… Continue Reading →

Do You Know You Can Have Bone Infection (Osteomyelitis)?

Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone and surrounding tissues. It’s one of the oldest diseases, if not the oldest. It’s caused by bacteria infection of the bone. This is as a result of “staphylococcus aureus” and other bacteria which… Continue Reading →

New Year’s Quote

Benefits Of Plants To Your Health-Indoor Garden

Benefits of indoor garden or plants.There is a popular say that when the last plant dies the last man dies. Yes! Plants are very important in our daily lives. But do we know the positive impact of having a flower… Continue Reading →

American Singer named After Ghana’s Ashanti-Mother Reveals

Meet Ashanti, the American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer and actress named after the Ashanti tribe of Ashanti region in Ghana, after her mother discovered that it means “woman of strength” for women from Ashanti tribe of Ghana. Ashanti Shequoiya… Continue Reading →

Another California Wildfire – Threatening Cities of Santa Paula and Ventura

Thousands of people of north of Los Angeles have been forced to flee their homes as a fast-moving wildfire rips through the area. The fire which is quickly spreading and forcing the evacuation of at least 1,000 households across Ventura… Continue Reading →

How To Burn Calories With Water–Benefits of Drinking Water

Do you know that drinking more water on daily basis helps to reduce calories, therefore aiding in weight lost? Water is calorie free and taking in water before meals may help you to eat less, and eating less means taking… Continue Reading →

6 Homemade Organic Tips to Grow Eyebrows-Beauty Tips

Ever consider growing your eyebrows or thickening it naturally? Well, having a grown and nicely shaped eyebrows enlighten your beauty. And also take away the stress of drawing perfect eyebrows. Consider these simple homemade tips to grow and thicken your… Continue Reading →

Signs to Spot Your Partner’s Sensitive Parts for Sexual Satisfaction-Tips for Men

So, most men are sometimes confused when trying to know if their partners are enjoying love making or not, as a result of perceiving women to be unpredictable creatures. Well, every woman is unique but we all have common ways… Continue Reading →


How often do we encourage or motivate ourselves with positive thinking? Do we also know that our actions depends on our thinking? Abraham Lincoln once said, “Most folks are about as happy as they want to be.” Was he implying… Continue Reading →

  If you ever doubted Yvonne Nelson pregnancy rumours, then hey!  Doubt no more, because this pictures says it all. Today, being the star’s birthday, she decided to bless her fans with these amazing pictures of her during her pregnancy… Continue Reading →

Stretching-and it’s benefits to the Body

Ever woken up tired or seemingly unable to get out of the “sleep mood” in the morning? Yes! That’s a common occurrence with most people, even after having the best sleep and literally sleeping like a baby the night before…. Continue Reading →

Japan’s TeamLap Digitalised Forest-Turning nature into Art

[huge_it_videogallery id=”2″] Hey guys! see what I came across this morning!..It’s so cool!. Watch this video of an entire forest light up.Such beauty..What art can add up to nature.When is Africa having this?, especially Ghana!. I can’t wait but will… Continue Reading →

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